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Creating Sunshine on Dreary Winter Days

Keywords: Winter Blues, Vitamin D Lamp, Blue Monday, Sunshine

I was scrolling the internet when an article appeared that talked about "Blue Monday". I have heard of the winter blues but Blue Monday was a new concept for me. The article explained that Blue Monday is a concept that suggests people experience extreme sadness on January 16th because of the winddown from the holidays and the gloomy weather.

Although this study of sadness reaching a high level on this day has a lack of scientific evidence; the winter months are often a difficult time for many people.

A light lamp is a great tool to try out if you are experiencing some sadness or low energy. Although, it is not a magic cure, it can have some benefits.

A light lamp is a device that mimics sunlight rays. To receive the best benefits, it is recommended that

you sit by it for 30 minutes each day. Some types of lamps are smaller and can be moved to tables or night stands. Some individuals may feel more energized or notice an increase in mood after using their light lamp It is encouraged to find the best lamp/light settings for you! Some individuals need brighter lights while others prefer dimmer lights. Do what is best for you!

Try this tool in addition to the things that help your mental health such as therapy, moving your body, social connections and nutrition.

Posted by Noel Kwiat, Graduate Therapy Intern

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