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Ketamine Facilitators

A Ketamine Integration Specialist is someone who provides guidance, information and support related to the use of ketamine for therapeutic purposes. They offer educational resources, safety, and harm reduction. Additionally, they sit with clients during their Journey experience and guide them through their inner healing process. Integration Specialists also do the preparation work involved in creating the intentions for your Ketamine Journey. 

Laura Skinner and Matt McDonell have over 15 years of shared experience working with clients on their transformative journeys. Both are passionate about holding safe space for their clients and walking alongside them while they discover their 'Inner Healers.'

Their strong beliefs in utilizing masculine and feminine energy to heal the collective has led them to offer co-facilitation for Ketamine Guided Facilatation sessions.

Meet The Ketamine Team


Laura Skinner, MS, LPC

Integration Specialist

Laura has been in practice for over a decade and has dedicated most of her work to exploring the unconscious realms using Hypnotherapy, EMDR, and now Ketamine. She is excited to walk alongside you on your journey to inner healing.


Matthew McDonell, MBA, MSW

Integration Specialist

Matthew has facilitated many Ketamine Journeys and brings an element of safety and grounding to each experience.


As a combat veteran who runs a nonprofit for veterans and first responders that focuses on being a catalyst for growth and change, Matt has a primary interest in facilitating journeys for veterans and first responders. However, he is willing to work with anyone who wants him in their journey.


Sarah Smith, MD

Medical Doctor

Dr. Sarah Smith has joined forces with Laura and Matt in providing Ketamine Guided Facilitation as she has seen the benefits to her patients over the years in practice. Dr. Smith values the Integration paired with the impact of the Ketamine Journey. 

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