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Rogue Women's Workshop Series
Rogue Women's Workshop Series
2023 The Second Monday of Each month! 6-8pm
124 N Franklin St,
124 N Franklin St, Port Washington, WI 53074, USA


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Alicia Schmitt is a self love and body liberation boudoir photographer. For the last 5 years, she has helped people reconnect with their bodies through intimate portraiture. Her studio is judgement-free and open to bodies of all sizes and abilities. She spent too many years hating her own body and doesn't want anyone to feel that way. That's why Alicia's sessions are celebratory, joyful and full of gratitude. Your body is a good body, and she can help you see that.


Leah Bruce is an agent of change. She has proven that to herself personally and professionally and will challenge her clients to change what is no longer working for them. Born and raised in Michigan, Leah moved to Wisconsin to begin her second career, in mental health counseling. Leah is a clinical mental health counselor, substance abuse counselor, and certified yoga instructor with a background in hospitality management, crisis management, and graduate level teaching. Leah thrives on encouraging her clients to identify and utilize their talents, advocate for self, and take up space in any room/conversation/system/relationship they find themselves in.



Melissa Wellenstein is a licensed therapist who has a passion for helping people find balance. Through her own personal journey, Melissa has come to recognize the value and necessity of helping people honor all parts of themselves. Melissa believes that the parts of ourselves that truly feel authentic to us are the parts that we often hide or “dim”  based on standards set by society. Through compassion and meaningful connection Melissa  is focused on helping people, women especially, explore all aspects of themselves and to lean into their duality.


Laura Skinner is all things "outside-the-box." As a licensed therapist, that is clinically trained to assist her clients through trauma and addictions, she has used her intuition and creativity to do the real healing work. When systems told her to go right, she went left...then a little zigzag. Through her own personal healing journey she has found ways to access her inner truth and assist others in illuminating theirs as well! Utilizing humor, grace, and compassion to assist clients access their deepest parts, then walking off the beaten path with them to become empowered again!



Dr. Kelly left her internal medicine practice within a large healthcare system 2 years ago due to burnout.  She has since been studying and healing herself and others with functional medicine, exploring spirituality, and working towards becoming a true Rogue Woman, which to her means a woman who is uninhibited, brave and able to stay true to her authentic self.  She looks forward to meeting others who are also on this journey!

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